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chuck d by Peter AndersonAbout a week or so ago I posted about the dumb shit rappers have said, and it got lots of hits. Thanks Moguls. But this week I will touch on things I have learned from hip hop music. As we know everything isn’t all ignorant when it comes to rap music, if it was we would be ignorant as hell for constantly listening to it. Wouldn’t you agree. Well here are 7 things that rappers have taught me.


1) Chuck D taught me…….  “Farrakhan’s a prophet that I think you ought to listen to/ What he can say to you, what you wanna do….”

Back in the day as a shorty I didn’t know a thing about Farrakhan. It took people like Chuck D to hip me to the Blackness of my existence. Through Public Enemy, X-Clan, BDP, etc. I began to do research on Malcolm X, Minister Farrakhan, 5% Nation. To this day I still catch Minister Farrakhan whenever given the chance.

2) Jay-Z taught me to……. “Remind my self, nobody’s built like you you design yourself.”

What more can I say. If you ever need some hip hop pick me up in your life, listen to some classic Hov. I swear he will have you telling muthafuckas if their ain’t no manicurist on-board that plane ain’t for them!! This line is pretty self-explanatory. Ain’t no one like you out there. Moguls you are cut from your own cloth. Sorta like Joseph’s Technicolor robe, your shit is unique playboy….. act like it!!!

3) Ice Cube taught me…… “That you don’t ride on nobody’s jock/ For anything he do fuck him and his crew/ Unless you are getting paid too!”

This is about as plain and simple as advice can get. Don’t sweat these cats out here. If you ain’t on they payroll, just give them a nod of appreciation and keep it moving. Too many individuals are out here sweating dudes looking like groupies. I swear this song should be on everyone’s rotational list at least 3 times a year.

4) BIG taught me….. “Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant.”

Church… I feel this way whenever I am standing in a crowded room. This right here is basic B-Boy 101. Never let them see you sweat. Keep your hands in your pockets and be cool. If you ain’t cool, fool them. Do whatever it takes to remain the coolest cat in the room.

5) Andre 3000 taught me….. “Spaceships don’t come equipped with rear-view mirrors…”

Keep looking forward Moguls. Impossible to move ahead full speed while also looking behind you. If life is a race, that second or two you take to glance in that rear-view may be just enough time for the lames to pass you up. You never seen Han Solo looking behind him in the Millennium Falcon when he is moving at light-speed.

6) Jay-Z taught me……”we don’t lease, we buy the whole car as you should!!”

Don’t rent shit, when you can own.

7) Nas taught me….. ” a thug changes, love changes, and best friends become strangers.”

As we get older in life those childhood best-friends may become nothing more than an associate you run into at the bank. Such is life. Seasons change and so does friendships. The sooner you can accept that truth the better.

We’ve been doing this thing close to 3 long years Moguls. Urban Mogul Life has had its set of ups and downs, and I don’t know WTF’s; but we kept moving. Throughout the trials and tribulations we have remained rather Mogulesque, true to you our readers and most of all true to ourselves.

UML is different. We take pride in the fact that we don’t submit to scandalous stories to get a quick view. Our walls will not be flooded with post about who’s doing who, or links to the latest piece of ass on a sex tape. UML would rather build a Mogul as opposed to tearing one down. We would rather show you how to live, love, work and play. However like all things, we must evolve or risk falling by the wayside.

Moguls in the next few weeks UML will reboot to version 3.0, the new and improved UML. The vibe will remain the same, but the Cool will be upped a notch. The bop will get a little deeper, and the game a little slicker. But throughout it all we will remain Mogul.


Stay tuned…….



You know that lady. The one who makes you stop in your tracks when you see her on tv. Or when you hear her voice you make sure you to catch the visuals. If you are surfing the net, when a post concerning her passes you, you grab it, look at the picture, read it, look once again at the picture and  then let her on her way. You know 9 .99 times out of 10 you will never cross her path, BUT if you are ever in her radius you will make her recognize.

That’s the one this post is dedicated to. My top ten *low key celebrity crushes. We all know about the Janets, Kims, Rihannas, Nias, Angelinas, Kellys, Beyonces… you get hte picture right? Well this post ain’t for them. This is dedicated to those chicks who put the work in but may not make the “top ten” list of Fresh.

Lola Monroe

This is one beautiful Ethiopian sister. Just beautiful for no damn reason. And I look forward to every drop of beauty she has coming my way.

Zoe Saldana

She isn’t really on the low low, but she sure is fine. That sophisticated she would rather treat me to dinner fine. That I bet a conversation with her would stimulate your soul and funky emotions fine. She has so much style and grace that she needs to hold seminars for some of these up and coming cuties on Saturday mornings in the village square type fine.

Priyanka Chopra


“Let me take you down, cause I’m going to…. Bollywood….. Where everything’s good… And nothing for you to trip about…. Bollywood forever.”

This lady went from eye candy to international sensation. Beauty in motion always gets my attention.

Shevonne Sullivan

I swear whenever I catch Shevonne on TMZ an angel gets her wings!! Not sure exactly what it is about her, but she makes me want to hang out with her and all of her cats. Not sure she has cats, but she seems like the type to have cats. And I hate cats. That just lets you know how much I am down with Angel lady. And Angel Lady be nice when the paparazzi catch me coming out of a Vegas club with Janet Jackson, could ya?

Alex Wagner

I love a lady who is current on her affairs. That is probably why I have a thing for cute news reporters. I don’t catch her much, but when I do…..

I’m looking forward to being interviewed by her in two years. Goals Moguls, you have to start somewhere.

Jessica Alba

I mean it is Jessica Alba. Who doesn’t love her?

Jenni Farley

This that bullshit. I know. She seems like one of those jump-offs you would take home from the club and play a game of sleepers like it’s 1995 all over again!! I bet she can smoke with the best of them, out drink the rest of them. I just might regret it the next morning, but JWoww looks like she guarantees a nice drunk night!!

Olivia Munn

Olivia mf’n Munn!!! I’ve had eyes for her ever since she was on Attack of the Show. (My inner geek shines thru) What pretty girl do you know that can beatbox? Olivia mf’n Munn can!! Can you name a lady besides Roxanne Shante and Queen Latifah that even knows what beatboxing is? In fact, if I were to ever run across Olivia during my Mogul travels, we will spend the night spitting raw raps until the sun comes up.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott  is that nice cuddle buddy on a crisp fall night. A bottle of Ciroc, incense burning, and jerk chicken in the kitchen. A good ass night! What more can I say. I have been up on Jill for a minute now, as much of you have. On the low I am sure some of you She-Moguls have a woman crush on Jill. It’s okay…. I know…. nothing to be ashamed about. Jill has that effect on people.

Lolo Jones

You know how they had Love & Basketball? You can call this one Love & Hurdles. Even though she didn’t get her medal a few weeks ago during the Summer Games, she is still a winner in my book. Ooowa I just wanna lay, I just wanna lay in her hair all the live long day looking ass!!!

I could care less about what happens in celebrity households honestly. Half the time I have my own nonsense to deal with. But with the drama that popped off this weekend with Chad Johnson, I felt the need to say a thing or two. Well actually one…. Don’t marry a drama queen/king Moguls!! It usually will end one way, drama popping off.

I don’t follow reality tv as much as I did when Real World 1 came out back in the the early 90’s, so I am not well versed on Evelyn Lozada. However many of you do, and I have plenty of friends who partake. I have gathered from video clips and dialogue with lady-friends that Ms. Lozada loves drama. She likes to toss bottles on other women, likes to fight in public areas, and from the sounds of it is nothing more than a hood rat who can’t control her emotions. So with that being said, is anyone surprised by the events that transpired between Chad and Evelyn?If you date/marry a firecracker, don’t be surprised if it backfires on you.

As a man you have to be smarter about who you choose to build your picket fence with. Good looks aren’t everything. If you know your lady-friend can blow up at the drop of a dime, why put yourself in that situation? Is the gamble worth it? Is your career worth it. These two have been married less than a season, not a television season, a meteorological season.  She catches him with a receipt for condoms and the shit hits the fan. While said shit was fan hitting, someone caught the other with a headbutt. And now Chad Johnson has a problem on his hands.

Was it worth it Chad?

Would you do it all again?

Ms. Lozada will milk this incident for all it is worth, believe that.

Evelyn Lozada has few words for Chad Johnson after his arrest for allegedly head-butting her — first, stop blaming me … and second, get help for your problems, now.

Evelyn tells TMZ, “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me…It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well.”

Most women if they were in a marriage of love would not be making statements right now. I would think that they would be somewhere getting their mind right. However from the sounds of it Evelyn Lozada found the nearest person who would listen to her song. Hmmmm. Maybe someone should have taken a stance when she was running up on all those females and this situation could have been averted.

I don’t know who did what to whom since I wasn’t there. And unless at some point both of their stories coincide, I will never know. But what I do know is if you lay with firecrackers something just might pop off!!

It’s here Moguls, The GrownAssMixtapeExperience from the Peep G.A.M.E. crew.

Back in the day DJs broke records & premiered emcees! They would put artists on their mixtapes to get emcees to be heard BEFORE they were signed. Well, the GrownAssMixtapeExperience’s aim is twofold: 1. To premiere dope emcees from Milwaukee 2. To honor some of our favorite hiphop trax.

This mixtape is dedicated to the DJ Clues, Kid Capris, Clarke Kents, DJ Red ALerts, & all the other DJs that were out there tryin’ to get hungry emcees out there. Word up!!! Enjoy!



Let me make this clear off top…. I am not an Eric Benet fan. Nothing against dude at all, but he just ain’t what I would pop in when it is chill time with my lady friend. It could be possible that my lack of interest goes back to the fact that the homie used to walk around bare-footed. Not sure, and don’t care. I understand non-interest. But with all of that being said, people are tripping about his new song called Redbone Girl.

“Redbone girl…. you came and you changed my world. Just like in the movies!”

If everyone was mad about the fact that the song is horrible I would nod my head in agreement and keep it moving. If the point of discussion was how wack Lil Wayne sounded, I would have shut my mouth and thought to each it’s own. But the matter of discussion seems to be focused on the fact that Eric Benet decided to sing his ode to one particular “light-skinned” lady. Like for real? Is there not anything else to pout about Black America?

A few facts we must look into before everyone gets their undies in a bunch.

  • Eric Benet is not the darkest brother. Dude ain’t looking like Wesley Snipes singing praises of light-skinned women from a mountain top. Pleighboi is light-skinned, or should I say lighter than the average dark skinned brother.
  • Eric Benet once made a song called Chocolate Legs. Where was the out cry then? Was it wrong for Mr. Benet to sing a song about a pair of chocolate legs? Did the light-skinned population get up in arms about their lack of song time?
  • Eric Benet stated at the top of the song that he loves all shades of women, this song was just about an episode of his love career. And we do remember that he was/is addicted to sex. So it is safe to assume that a)with his status he sexed a few women in his day (Halle Berry) b) he is REALLY addicted to sex. Most men love sex as it is, so for one to admit that he is addicted, he must REALLY love a good piece of nookey!!
  • Light-skinned women are Black people TOO!!

Now if Eric would have said all I love is light-skinned women y’all dark ones ain’t shit!! I would sympathized with everyone’s story. But for a man to sing about redbones and everyone getting mad is a perfect example of the ignorant self-hatred that has plagued us since the “house-nigga”/”field-nigga” days. I thought Spike Lee told us to wake up with School Daze? We still tripping.? Yeah Eric Bent likes redbones. Who doesn’t? Hell I like them also. But I also like blackbones, whitebowns, brownbones, tanbones, purplebones, pancakebones, etcbones. I love womenbones and I am sure Eric Benet as well, and so does every other man who doesn’t have a complex of some sort.

The deeper problem here is our self-hate that equates the closer the skin is to white the more beautiful it looks. WRONG! That shit been out of style since Al B. Sure. Ninja…A-A-AL B. Sure!! Real people in the community don’t care about skin tones as much as some people think they should. You can walk through any Black community and see all types of shades playing, spooning, grooving, laughing together. As a matter of fact you can walk into plenty of households and have a rainbow coalition of shades in any room at any given time. Black people come in all shades and hues, and some people may decide to sing about a particular shade from time to time. No harm, no foul.

The bigger issue that should be addressed is the hypocritical hate that permeates the community. On one hand we get upset because Eric Benet sings a tune about a light-skinned woman, BUT we talk about Baby Blue because she has features from her father (big nose and lips). Word…..

What we need to have a focused effort on is making sure that with all this “redbone” love the jerry-curl doesn’t make a triumphant return.

I recently took in The Dark Knight Rises as hundreds of thousands other Americans did this past weekend. And while it was a fantastic flick it got me to thinking about how time flies when you are waiting for a trilogy to finish. The Dark Knight trilogy started way back in 2005, seems like a long time ago doesn’t it? But what seems even longer was when Batman Begins came first came out and we knew we had at least 6 years before we got to the 3rd film.  Hell when Batman Begins hit theaters we still had W in the oval office, now Kool Barack Ski is trying to reup. Time flies.

So let’s just assume that the average trilogy takes about 7 years to complete. Starting from today where do you see yourself in 7 years? Married with children, getting your Al Bundy on? Will you be the owner for the team you play for? Or will you still be stuck in that rut talking about how it is going to get sweeter later? It’s up to you, you are the sole controller of your destiny. Even though at times we lose sight of the big picture because we are focusing on the small details. It’s hard to see Mona Lisa when we are staring at a strand of her hair.

Life is like a Ferris Bueller quote , it moves so fast that if you don’t stop now and then to smell the roses you just might miss it. Whether it is relationships or what have you, we often times are not satisfied with where our life is. So what do we end up doing? Staying pat and blowing a few more precious years in the process. Before you know it, another trilogy has come and gone and we are still stuck in the same mud we were in when the first flick dropped. Almost feeling like quicksand.

But don’t lose hope Moguls. True, life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. But that detour we didn’t envision may just be the scenic route that’s needed to put your movement in perspective. Sometimes moments like that  make us stronger and help us to appreciate the things that are right in our lives. No we can’t stop the hands of time no more than we can stop the rain from falling; but with careful and active participation when Avengers 3 drops we can be where we think we should be.


Imagine how raw this would have felt to be in the audience at Coachella when all of a sudden Tupac appears on the stage! Classic! This video damn near got a Mogul tearing up looking like why. All I have to say is God bless the dead.

I am not much of a dark liquor fan. I can tolerate it, but it definitely isn’t my beverage of choice when I am out and about. If it is up to me, pour me a glass of vodka on the rocks. Good vodka that is. Not the cheap stuff.

Over the years I have learned to respect the powers of Mr. Vodka. He can be enjoyable but oh so cruel if not careful. I have seen him bring a Mogul or two to their knees in the middle of the bar!! Vodka can be called “The Gift and The Curse”. Don’t fall victim to this Russian pleasure. Master your hooch.

  1. First and foremost if you plan on drinking the night away with vodka, make sure you are working on a full stomach. If not you’re going to need bread and pasta. The carbs will help soak up the alcohol. No need for the room to start spinning on you before midnight!
  2. Drinking vodka straight is not for the weak at heart. Most people need to mix it with juice or some kind. Don’t be afraid to know your style. If you need a gallon of cranberry for every 2 shots then cranberry away. I guess nothing is wrong with spiked Ocean Spray. But take note on how many you are consuming. These flavored drinks can sneak up on you real quick.
  3. But if you like yours straight make sure it is on the rocks. Let it sit for a little while, and sip it. The water will help dilute the bitter taste some vodkas give.
  4. However, you can also try the flavored vodkas. Ciroc Red Berry is a favorite of mine. With that one, you can damn near drink it straight from the bottle!!!! (Don’t try it!!)
  5. If you insist on taking shots, chase it down with Coke, juice, beer, water or whatever else you can get your hands on. Personally, I am a fan of the vodka and beer combo. A good cold one helps smooth the whole thang out.
  6. *Tip from our Russian Mogul friends. When you get home take a shot or two of pickle juice. This will eliminate the hangover and allow you to get to work on time in 3 hours!
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