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I can’t lie.  I was beyond ecstatic to find out yesterday that we were getting a new Little Brother album…. at midnight. That shit made my week on day 1 of the week. Like outside of something catastrophic my high cannot get blown. •

A few years ago we were blessed to get a new Quest album. Now @phontigallo and @rapperbigpooh came through with that flame. After playing the album a few times since I got it last night I must say that Little Brother more than satisfied me with this new project. Similar to ATCQ they picked up right where they left off. May The Lord Watch doesn’t play like an album that is “trying” to relive the glory days of LB. In fact, it sounded more like an album they would have made if they continued to make albums over the years. Good shit. 

I won’t go into a full out review just yet, because I come from the mindset that you have to let the gumbo cook a while before you tell the world what it tastes like. So later this week I will drop how many bow ties the album gets, but just let it be known…. #MTLW is a great project. Welcome home Little Brother.

Now we just need that new OutKast album. Won’t the Lord come through?!?!?

Y’all who know me, really know I am a fan of chicken. Like Dave Chappelle once said if I could do a commercial for chicken I would do it for free. It doesn’t matter if you fry it, jerk it, bake it, fricassee it, stew it, smother it, I am here for it. All of it. So when I heard a few days ago that Popeye’s has a chicken sandwich that can go toe to toe with the undisputed Chick-Fil-A, I was like…. word?!?! Popeyes? The spot that runs out of chicken by noon on any given day? That Popeyes? Well, let’s see what the fuss is about. 

So I asked my Facebook family about the sandwich because my algorithms on Facebook always keeps it real. They told me it was official and that I should go holla at the spinach loving sailor to get one. 

I decided to hit a Popeye’s joint on the south side of Milwaukee because I figured that would guarantee me a sandwich, especially going at noon. Once I walked into the spot I knew it was real, the line was off the chain. Folks of all ethnicities, shapes, and hues were in there asking for the sandwich. No lie, they had one worker just standing by the chicken sandwich station cranking them out like a sweatshop! The cashier would ask a customer what they wanted and if it was a chicken sandwich, she yelled in the microphone “another chicken * insert spicy or original* sandwich!” Yeah, it was real. 

I heard horror stories of Popeye’s running out of buns anshit, so when I placed my order and it went through I felt like I won a Jordan raffle on the SNKRS app. Shoeheads know that rare feeling of victory. 

Once I bite into it I had to stop, pull the sandwich away from my mouth and just stare at it. “Popeye sure knows his way around the kitchen!” I thought to myself. Actually, I may have said it out loud, ain’t no telling. However, the sandwich was good. Very damn good. So good that I wanted to yell at the folks standing in the line that the “shit is worth the wait foke! Hang in there!” 

I think I shed a tear for the culture. 

Now is it the best chicken sandwich on the market today. Hmmm. That is easy to do, actually. Mickey Dee’s sandwich isn’t even worth mentioning. Usually, their chicken is drier than an old perm in the summer. And KFC as a restaurant, record label and crew isn’t even worth mentioning. That really just leaves Chick-Fil-A as the lone champion among a league of pee-wee players. How does it stack up?

I give the lean to Popeyes on this one. Where Chick-Fil-A taste like a good chicken sandwich, Popeyes creation tastes like the Black lady in the commercial was back there somewhere sprinkling a lil Nawlins magic on the joint before they dropped it in the grease. It was about as perfect as a perfect sandwich could taste but still real and down enough to have you thinking they passed the sandwich to you in a grease stain brown paper bag! Chick-Fil-A is good in an if KFC mastered chicken way. While Popeye created something that only a grandmother’s love could make. 

Final Verdict: 4.5 Bowties out of 5. 

P.S. Now Popeye just needs to step they customer service up to be on par with Chick-Fil-A’s. Running out of buns is something that isn’t acceptable. 

Allow me to reintroduce myself… 

2019 is a special year for UML, it marks 10 years into this journey. Those A-1s since day 1 remember Urban Mogul Life started as a dream and a blog. From there we grew to what we are today, a media network with our hands in all things that make up the culture. Dope. However… there is something in me that misses the simple days of jotting my thoughts in a blog. 

Back in the early days, I combed the web daily to find interesting things to post or for inspiration to express myself, my take on this culture we live and love. Some articles were special while others were a way for me to get my rocks off. But as time went by, the writing slowed from a gushing waterfall to a slow drip. Part of the issue was my muse seemed to have dried up. Like dried all the way up. Hard crusty sponge dried up. So instead of fighting through the drought, I found creativity in other lanes; podcasts and event hosting. However, with all the challenges these new outlets presented, I still missed my original love… writing. 

You know the saying absence makes the pen game stronger. Well, that isn’t a saying at all, but through the void, I gave birth to Cashmere Thoughts. 

What’re Cashmere Thoughts you ask? It is a zone for me to spit my shit and share game I come across on the internets. I will be pubbing UML from the latest podcast and events, but to artists, I have a hand in developing. Mogul shit. Ya dig. But I will also slowly get my prose back on point. You know a Mogul can’t leave his muse dry for long, that is when problems occur. 

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Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how your products and services can help people.

For those of you that know me, you know I LOVE a fresh pair of kicks. This habit goes back about 30 some odd years ago to my first pair of Air Jordans. I happened to stumble upon my shoe affair, actually. See before I got my first pair of Bones I had a pair of Payless Shoes called “Eagles”. Now little did I know that I had a knockoff pair of Jordans. All I wanted was some Payless kicks like kids in the hood had.  They put those fat Puma neon laces in them and was winning the fresh category. So dammit I had to do the same. I harassed my moms until she took me to Payless to cop a pair of “Eagles.”

Ya boy couldn’t wait to stunt in the hood with my “Eagles!” I bought a pair of neon green laces and put them in my white and blue “Eagles!” The last time I felt so alive was when I used to wear my Zips from Stride Rite. I tossed on my sneaks and off I went to Jackie Robinson’s basketball court. Stuntin hard! I felt like a ghetto star when all the kids gathered around to look at my kicks. However, they thought I on “Air Jordans.”

“What are these Air Jordans you speak of?” I thought to myself. The homies just looked at my sneakers and said… “Oh them ain’t the Jordans. I don’t know what those are!!”

I’m like Fam… “these the Eagles!” “The muthafuckin Eagles!!!!”

Hahahaha, they laughed.

And just like that my stuntin turned into a stumble.

As soon as I walked in the door, I told Ma Dukes I had to get some Jordans. She said, “what are those?”

“Another pair of tennis shoes,” I responded.

“Nah, wait for school to get another pair of shoes!!”

So I waited and waited. When it was time to get another pair of school shoes, I immediately told her I wanted some Air Jordans. When we got to Athlete’s Foot I saw a lifesize cut-out poster of Michael Jordan wearing the AIR JORDANS! I had to get them. Even though moms tripped on the $65 price tag, she copped them. And from that moment on my shoe obsession was in full effect and never faded.

At that point, I could talk kicks all day, every day. So it was a pleasure to discuss shoes with MSX Todd and Sho3tym on the first episode of #ClassiclyCool Conversations. We talked Jordans, Yeezys, Vans, LeBrons, and many other shoes. And also chopped it up about the current route shoe collecting has taken the last few years.

The 3 of us already plotting on Episode II of #ClassiclyCool Conversations, but until then press play and join me as I take a stroll down memory lane talking shoes!!


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

— Anne Bradstreet

BLK WNTR was a necessary evil to get us to WHT SMMR. One thing any person ending a tough relationship soon finds out is with every tear shed, comes good times. This is the perfect way to sum up WNT SMMR. Where BLK WNTR is about an affair concluding WHT SMMR is about the rebound.

“Rebounding Season begins!!!”

Maal Himself and Genesis Renji return with another strong project. WHT SMMR rejoins our heroes after the WNTR of despair with hope and new beginnings. Have you ever had your kneecap kissed by a midget? This season we get 7 new songs that tell us “Between Seasons” “S” “M” “M2” “R” “Comes” “Again”. Get it?

The standout tracks include “Between Seasons“ and “M2 (Black)” which narrates a tale of a police encounter that many of us have faced because of the color of our melanin.

Even though another WNTR is bopping down the street ready to greet us with cold nights filled with despair, Maal and Gen are out here this SMMR. If you enjoyed BLK WNTR, WHT SMMR is the perfect companion piece.


Genesis Renji dropped his latest solo effort S.I.N.S. Stories I Never Shared a little under a month ago and there was one track that stayed on repeat; Greenlight. This week he did us a solid and dropped the visuals to the joint which adds another layer of appreciation for the track. In this video Gen along with Lucien Parker seems to have a good time as they share with us the difficulties of relationships. Who knew love problems could have you dancing?

“Hi haters/ I’m back off hiatus/ UML made moves and some still hate us……”

Hello, it’s me again. Glad you are still around. I know it has been a minute since you last read something from me. In fact, it has been about a year since my last post graced the blogosphere. And about 4 years since I waxed poetic pieces on the regular. My bad, I was a little busy enjoying life and making family. But I’m back for now. Ya, dig?
Ain’t a thing change though except my walk got slicker and the game got thicker. However, I am still the same Danny P. During this time apart UML, I took time to launch with a little help from my friends a podcast network; Mogul Squared Media. have you heard about it? We started with just one podcast The Mogul Lounge. From there we spun off with Moguls on Sports. I then got a great idea to package the shows, grow, and create a network. And 15 some odd podcast later we have M2M. But with all of that….. something was missing.
Without Urban Mogul Life none of these spin-offs would be possible.  I designed UML give me an outlet to voice my thoughts, visions, and creativity through my pen game. Something that a podcast could never replace. Even though I have a weekly medium to express myself through your eardrums, I still need that blank canvas to scribe a thought. I still need Urban Mogul Life. I need it now more than ever.
So dear friends I am sorry I left you without a dope essay to step to. As of today, I am back. Back to capture my thoughts in my own write. Back to talk about music, relationships, life’s shit, and anything else that moves me. Not sure how long I will be around this time, but as of now, vacation is over. I hope my desk at the office is still available.

Kanye West done fooled around and went full blown Kanye West on us. Somehow playboy managed to piss me off this time, and I am somewhat unpissoffable!!

When Kanye said Jesus walked we high stepped our ass to the polo shop to get Laurened up. When he told us that Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman we thought “yeah he kind of right!” When Ye told us that George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, we nodded in approval. Hell, just last week when he started his Trump rhetoric I was like Black folk need to view his thoughts from both sides. But yesterday when he went Kanye and Kanyekazied his career with the slavery by choice foolery, I just shook my head and said: “you lost one fam!”

Kanye sounds like the same fools who say “I wouldn’t have been a slave back then!” or ” I would have beat the slave master’s ass if he would have…..” It all sounds good and cool coming from a cat who never once in a day of his life been held in bondage. It sounds good coming from a cat who never had the threat of having his family member taken away from them to be never seen again. It sounds all “new agey” and fresh coming from a cat who never felt the burn that a whip can leave behind as it rips your skin open. It sounds all sweat and tuff coming from a cat who never worked from sun up until sun down in a hot ass field for free for years. It sounds all Pro Blackish coming from a cat who has never been deprived basic skills like being able to read. Yeah, it sounds real thought provoking, doesn’t it? But basically “we don’t believe the bullshit you selling Kanye!” Don’t disrespect the Essence like this playboy. Don’t do it.

Somewhere along the way, the burden of slavery has become a fault of the ancestors who were enslaved. In 2018 to some of us, our family members were weak choosing to be a slave back then when all they had to do was fight. Yeah if those scuffles would have jumped off back in the day, many of us would not be here right. Why? Because our Great x6 Grandfolks would have been killed. So what did they do? They remained strong and ensured that they were here for their kids, and their children did the same.

Slavery was not a choice, it was a reality. Our family did not choose to be taken from Africa. Or to have our families split. Or to have our mothers raped. Or to have our language, religion, culture, taken away. That wasn’t a choice, that was the reality. And for those of you who are sifting through the beach of bullshit Kanye is selling to find a grain of truth, wake yo woke ass up.

“You love to hear the story again and again….”

You can always tell who went to an HBCU and who went to a predominantly white college/university. Those people who happened to live the life on the yard wear that shit like a poor cat wears his mink in the club with shades on. They will let everyone within 5 city blocks know where they went. And most of them will only say the name and EXPECT for you to know where exactly where it is. Whereas Blacks who went to white colleges you damn near have to drag it out of them where they went.

Why is that?

Because HBCUs are fresh that is why! Simple as that. I went to THE Grambling State University and loved every minute of the experience. Some of my friends went to the old “regular degular” college and I have yet to hear them tell a story that makes their eyes twinkle. However, like clockwork, every 4th Sunday of the month you can find a Black person retelling tales of parties, dorm life, the yard, step shows, from an era long gone.  Shhhhh. In fact, if you are quiet enough now you can hear the echoes in the wind of the greatest story ever told.

The funny thing is I almost didn’t go to any college for that matter.

There was a time in my school days when my GPA looked like a blood alcohol level. The furthest thing from my mind was going to college. But then films/tv shows like School Daze and A Different World changed my outlook.

So fast forward to freshman year on campus. I had a teacher named Rev. Bonner for English. Now he was a different type of cat. He was a Black man who wore suits and spoke with an English accent from Downing Edinburgh. Strange shit to a kid like me who came from Milwaukee and never saw a Black man in real life who spoke like a Black Beatle. But never the less here I was sitting in Paul McCartney’s classroom, freshman year, first semester.

Now what made the Rev. special to me was that out of all the folks in the classroom he seemed to take an interest in me. Why? I’m not sure, but one day after class he asked me to stay behind to talk to me for a bit.

Where are you from sir? He asked me.


“Have you ever been academically challenged?” He asked.

Damn!! I thought. Right to the point anshit.

‘Yeah, I guess?” Was my young answer.

“Hmmm.” He responded looking at me with a British glare. “Well, I challenge you to challenge yourself in my class. Don’t go back to Milwaukee with that same cool attitude you have, telling folks you have failed at college.”

Damn!!! I thought. Word? “Alright, … I guess?” Was my young response.

I left the classroom with his words ricocheting around my mind. I’m thinking dude called me the fuck out!!

The Assignment

So fast forward once again to one of our assignments…. read Black Boy by Richard Wright and be prepared to take an oral exam with Rev. Bonner in his office.

WTF!?!?! I thought. I was used to skimming books in high school and maybe if needed getting a few answers from the young ladies in my class. How can I pull this one off though? This nigga about to have me READ this muthafunking book!!!

So guess what… I read the book. And after I finished the book I read that joint again. I was ready for Rev. Bonner and his stupid exam.

I ended up by luck of the draw having my exam on the first day of him giving them. Maybe dude figured my type out. He wanted no cheats this way. I was hoping the exam would get rained out but nope, God had other plans.

I recall walking into his office and dude was sitting behind his desk all scholarly and asked me “Are you ready sir?”

“Yeah, I guess…” was my unsure answer.

I’m not sure how long the exam took, but I swear it felt like a 3-hour tour. The Rev was hitting me with questions after question with a sense of British cool and I was ready for him. I fired back my answers and interpretations of the situation just as cool as he was. And eventually, his poker face cracked a grin. At that moment I felt I had arrived academically.

The Conclusion

Coming from where I came it is natural to have some reservations about actually belonging in college. Rev. Bonner challenged me to be the best I could be. He knew that in order for me to achieve I would have to abandon the student I was before. Shedding the weight like a heavy cocoon. Hearing stories from some of my friends who went to white schools, I am not sure many of them received that type of attention. I often hear that at some of those white institutions students are basically no more than a number. However, at THE Grambling State University, Rev. Bonner knew me by name and saw something in me that he saw in I’m sure hundreds of other students. He didn’t want me to become the classic case of a kid who went away to school only to return home at the Christmas break as a failure never to return to a campus again.

When I finished his exam, he looked at me and said “Mr. (Insert Government Name) I am proud of you. Out of all of the years, I have given these oral exams no student has ever performed as well as you have sir!” Now maybe dude was running academic game on me, but that right there meant more to me than any other teacher I had prior to him. I KNEW I belonged in college.

That is reason number 1 on why I am proud to be an HBCU graduate. And for that I thiank him…. I guess.

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